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Your Farming Future, Today

Whether you’re a smallholding or commercial farmer, the Agri Span™ is the ideal housing for your calves and sheep. Our premium high welfare building creates the perfect environment to rear healthy and happy livestock.

The Agri Span™ has multiple uses. From in-wintering your stock to hay, feed, or machinery storage, the Agri Span™ is both reliable and flexible.


  • Supplied in pod sizes of 9x10 metres and 9x20 metres.
  • The Agri Span™ provides both permanent and temporary livestock housing.
  • Ideal for livestock isolation; the Agri Span™ keeps your herd safe from outbreaks such as TB or pneumonia.
  • The Agri Span™ is a fully modular structure. Multiple pods can be connected end-to-end or side-by-side (depending on your plot size). Your housing capacity grows as your herd does.
  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble; if you move, the Agri Span™ can move with you.

Fast & Efficient Delivery

  • Ready to go - sold and dispatched nationwide, this building is packed and sent as a palletised kit.
  • We manufacture in the UK - with rapid lead times, the Agri Span™ is available when you need it.
  • Rapidly installed and placed directly onto your field. No advanced groundworks such as concrete are needed before installation.

High Welfare

  • The Agri Span™ includes a 3 metre translucent light strip, creating a natural environment for your livestock.
  • Excellent ventilation system promoting the stack effect. Gable end mesh panels ensure dirty air exits the building, whilst side netting allows clean air to enter. This encourages a healthy flow of natural air through the structure.
  • Optional Stokbord side panels protect against drafts which help prevent diseases such as pneumonia.

Built to Last

  • Strong and dependable - our structure is made of 2mm thick structural steel.
  • 600gsm PVC cover.
  • Increased bracing and purlin numbers for structural strength.
  • Ground screw anchors are rooted 1.6m into the ground, increasing structural integrity.
  • Calculated to European standards the Agri Span™ is specified to 500N/m² for both wind and snow loadings.

Built with Farmers in Mind

  • Simple to operate gable end gates.
  • Easy to muck out due to the removable gable framework.
  • Adjustable high capacity gutters.
  • Easy to maintain, easy to clean.
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    Finance Options Available

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