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The Livestock Pop-Up building is the ideal high welfare solution for calf rearing. Providing a well ventilated open space filled with diffused natural light, the Pop-Up creates the perfect environment for calves aged 2 weeks to 5 months old.

Sold in single 9×22 metre units known as “Pods”, each Pod of the Livestock Pop-Up building can typically house up to 65 calves, dependent on stocking density and finishing weight. With its modular, expandable design, multiple Pods can be connected together lengthways or side-by-side, making it easy to expand your calf housing capacity.

The Livestock Pop-Up is designed for rapid installation and can be packed down and moved with ease. Fixed to the ground with an auger anchor system, the building requires no concrete or advanced groundworks.

With a range of finance options available as well as complete installation packages, the Livestock Pop-Up building is the ideal flexible solution to house your animals.

Product Summary

Building width
9.0 metres
Building length
22.0 metres
Roof Sheet
600 gsm PVC
Structural framework
Z35 structural steel
Side netting
3.5 KN/m breaking strain

Optional Features

  • Side gate 'kit'

    For added flexibility and control of your animals’ access and egress from the Livestock Pop-Up, side gates can be specified in place of the fixed livestock mesh.

Livestock Pop-Up Calf housing

Product Specification

Each Livestock Pop-Up ‘pod’ has a width of 9.0 metres, a length of 22.0 metres and ridge height of 3.9 metres. The building’s structure is manufactured from 60mm (section), 1.5mm thick, Z35 hot-dip galvanized steel tube providing superior structural integrity along with a lasting and high-quality finish. Each pod is stabilised with 3 purlins and supplied with diagonal cross bracing – fitted at each gable-end, creating a robust structure.

The Pop-Up is clad in a 600gm olive green PVC cover with an integrated translucent window strip. The window strip fills the internal space with diffused natural light creating the perfect environment for rearing calves. Robust side netting, formed of livestock mesh, compliments the buildings open structure in providing exceptional ventilation, controlling airflow and breaking winds while safely and securely retaining livestock with a 3.5 KN/m breaking strain. Access is provided by three 1.5 metre gable-end hurdle gates – supplied at each end of the building as standard.

The Livestock Pop-Up is designed to be installed onto a bare field; fixed to the ground with auger anchors. Auger anchors screw 1.0 metre into the ground and are positioned at each hoop termination – a total of 24 positions for each pod. In addition to the hoop anchors each of the four gable-end uprights is anchored with 0.5 metre deep auger anchor.

Ideal for tenant farmers the Livestock Pop-Up is classed as a semi-permanent structure; the Pop-Up can be fully dismantled and moved to a new location with minimal disruption. Simply slotted together and secured with minimal fixings, the structure is extremely resilient and just as capable being used as a permanent structure. Safeguarding the longevity of the product, the Pop-up’s modular design allows all components, structural steel and cladding to be replaced independently if damaged or worn throughout the buildings life.

An expandable building system; the Pop-Up can be increased in size by adding additional pods, additional pods can be connected to the next by their gable ends or side by side in a traditional ‘multi-span’ formation. Additional pods come at a lower price as their connecting edges will share components – pods can be added to the initial structure at any time allowing the building to expand as a herd size increases.

Sold and dispatched with a full installation manual, this building can be self-installed by a capable team (with use of a two person auger machine). Some customers may prefer to use a dedicated installer for their building – if this is required we can supply a list of dedicated installers nation wide. This building is packed and dispatched as a palletised kit and can be distributed worldwide.

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