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Giving fresh presentation of our core product range and design & build capabilities.

After plenty of hard work, head-scratching, insight gathering and revisions, the new McGregor Polytunnels website goes live!

Largely designed in-house and developed by a local agency – before being finessed by a development wizard from our freelancer network. We’re pleased with the results and excited to have the opportunity to better present our core products in mobile poultry and livestock housing alongside our capabilities in the production of market-leading curved roof fabric structures. Most importantly we hope the new website will help visitors better engage with our products and the work we do to help our customers fulfill their business needs.

We’ll be continuing to add information on our core product range and developing rolling updates across our Projects and News pages as we complete more projects and write-up recent highlights.

From the new home page, you’ll get a quick snapshot of our latest activities; with quick links to our product range and the latest agricultural news. The Product drop-down menu reveals our livestock and poultry housing products in our core product range, alongside these you’ll find the page link to our ‘design & build’ section describing how we work with our commercial customers to provide a bespoke engineering service to provide structures that fit their exacting needs. Dedicated product pages give a clear insight into the performance of our products and how they help our customers keep their poultry and livestock in the best possible environment. Further detail is added in the product specification with optional features broken out in a clear and easy to use, expandable table. A marked addition to the new site is our projects section; showcasing our completed projects, focusing on some of our most prominent success stories and the exploits of our design & build capabilities. Make sure to check back in for regular updates!

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