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At 5.5 metres wide the Mobile Goat House 5500 is an adaptable and dynamic mobile building, designed for the high welfare housing of goats for both dairy and meat production along with pedigree herds. Available at a range of lengths, the modular construction allows the building to be supplied to house between 20 to 50 goats, providing ideal conditions for year round housing. Goats can be housed loose for maximum capacity or penned within the building for efficient management of the space and flock. The building creates a dry, draught free environment providing shelter from the elements with side walls to 1.5 metres creating sufficient headroom for the goat to stand upright on its hind legs with neck outstretched.

Product Summary

Building width
5.5 metres
Structural framework
Z35 structural steel
Outer roof sheet
600gm PVC sheet (olive green)
Roof insulation
80mm Earthwool FactoryClad
Inner roof sheet
600gm PVC sheet (white)
Wall panels
Olive green polyboard
Side netting
3.5 KN/m breaking strain

Optional Features

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Mobile Goat House 5500

Product Specification

The Mobile Goat House has a width of 5.5 meters and a ridge height of 2.8 metres. Its modular construction allows the building length to be specified to meet the requirements of each site and flock; expanded by multiples of the structures 2.05 metre framework spacing. The building’s structure is manufactured from 50.8mm (section), 1.5mm thick, Z35 hot-dip galvanized steel tube providing superior structural integrity along with a lasting and high-quality finish. Cross bracing is fitted at every bay along with diagonal cross bracing, fitted at both gable-ends between the first and second hoop creates a robust structure, ensuring stability when mobile and during adverse weather conditions. Constructed on steel skids running the length of the structure, the building is fully mobile and can be easily towed to fresh pasture with minimum effort. The building’s mobility can also be utilised to aid mucking-out, in which case the building is towed from its starting position onto new ground leaving the muck behind to be easily cleared. The Mobile Goat House provides exceptional insulation utilising high specification materials implemented in an advanced design – protecting herds against variable temperatures.

The building’s roof is a 3-ply construction, comprising of a resilient 600gm PVC inner and outer sheet, sandwiching a sleeved 80mm Earthwool FactoryClad insulation. Side walls are formed of an extruded HDPE olive green interlocking polyboard panels. Polyboard is formed with a hollow-lattice section, providing excellent strength and insulation. Side netting, formed of livestock mesh, brings natural light into the building while providing exceptional ventilation – controlling airflow and breaking winds, while safely and securely retaining livestock with a 3.5 KN/m breaking strain. Access is provided by a single gate at the front and rear of the building. Gates are constructed from 40mm square section, 1.5 thick galvanised steel. Each gate is 1.68 meters high and 2.02 metres wide and filled with polyboard a tensioned panel of livestock mesh to match the rest of the building. Sold and dispatched with a full installation manual, this building can be self-installed by a capable team, however, if required we can provide a list of recommend installation teams for customers to arrange installation. This building is packed and dispatched as a palletised kit and can be distributed worldwide.

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