U.S Mobile Organic Poultry House


In order to comply with the USDA's newly proposed Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices, which looks to improve the overall quality of animal welfare, we have created the MPL4250 mobile poultry house for free range and organic egg production in the U.S. Contact us on (011 44) 3332 079 747 or email sales@mcgregorpolytunnels.co.uk for more information.


The MPL4250 has a suspended slatted floor which is either 66% of the building for free range or 50% for organic set up and has been designed to be moved quickly and easily when the laying cycle finishes, thanks to its 4.25m wide span. Your equipment sits on the slatted floor so that nothing needs to be dismantled when moving the building. The feeding and drinking systems are also suspended from the roof. 


The MPL4250 is:

  •        Suitable for 200 – 500 organic, free range birds
  •        Easily towed between laying cycles without damage risk
  •        Creates a great environment for the birds


Superb ventilation is achieved through the sides, gable ends and a ridge vent which can be fitted in the roof PVC. All surfaces are very easy to wash but are also highly resilient to mess and dirt.


The below video shows our MPL4250 with an egg belt wheel and tray through the gable end. The eggs are carried along the central belt to the tray for collection. This building can also be fitted with front roll away nest boxes to lower capital investment, making them a great option for all budgets.