Turkey Rearing Polytunnel (Seasonal)


Quality turkey housing for free range meat production this polytunnel has been specifically designed to create the best environment for rearing healthy turkeys.


It is manufactured with strong and durable fully galvanised 60.80mm structural steel. We use structural steel instead of standard as it is perfectly suited for the creation of a durable steel sub frame.


225mm wooden slats running down the sides at ground level retain the bedding as it builds up during the production cycle and create an added barrier against vermin. The 1.5m stock-proof windbreaker sides are utilised as they allow excellent ventilation which the Turkeys thrive on and with a 3.50 tonne breaking strain they are very strong.


Roof cladding is a single layer of white polythene that provides shading and protection from the elements. Due to the excellent ventilation within the building condensation is minimal and creates an environment that suits the turkeys. The cladding is securely fastened with a tanalised timber rail securely fastened to the steel sub-frame.


Polythene is cost effective and we would expect the sheet to last approx seven years. Our supplier provides a five season guarantee and the cost of replacement is low.


The 1.60m sectional construction means the length can be built as required and gives great strength throughout the building.


The turkey polytunnel is designed for lines of bell drinkers and pan feeders that can be winched if required or your own feeding and drinking method can be utilised.


The doors are designed to be suitable for machinery utilised in the clean out of the building.


McGregor Polytunnels have been designing and manufacturing for 30 years. No one has more expertise and experience in creating these types of buildings. If you would like to know more information or a free, no obligation quote, please feel free to contact us on 01962772368 or email sales@mcgregorpolytunnels.co.uk.




Turkey rearing polytunnel
Turkey rearing polytunnel
Turkey rearing polytunnel
Turkey rearing polytunnel