Static Poultry Housing: Layers


Poultry housing for commercial egg production; this building has been specifically designed to create the right environment for laying hens. 

Fully insulated throughout, this unit can be manufactured for natural ventilation through roll up blinds or forced ventilation with additional fans and baffled inlets.

The frame is manufactured with strong and durable galvanised 60.80mm structural steel. We use structural steel instead of standard as it is perfectly suited for the creation of a durable steel sub frame.

Multi-tier poultry systems can be simply installed into the building and we can tailor the length and number of bays to create exactly the right set up for your requirements.

Organic, barn and free range egg laying methods can be succesfully employed within this building by installing the internal equipment required.

Roof cladding is a highly insulating sandwich of polythene, fibreglass and long lasting PVC. This is very easy to clean and gives the high performance required of these types of buildings. With the internal sheet white in colour a good environment for the birds is created. This can also be green if a darker environment is needed.

The sectional construction means the length can be built as required and gives great strength throughout the building.

The building is designed for lines of nipple drinkers and track feeders that can be winched if required or your own feeding and drinking method can be utilised. Extra purlins can be specified to simplify the fitting of internal feeding and drinking systems. The doors are designed to be suitable for machinery utilised in the clean out of the building.


If you would like any further information of to see an example of this building working please let us know on 01962 772368 or

Healthy Laying hens!
Healthy Laying hens!
Healthy Laying hens!