Mobile Rearing House: 200 to 900 birds


The MPM4250 is a mobile poultry housing unit for free range or organic meat bird production, this 4.25m wide unit has been specifically designed to create the perfect environment for rearing table birds; it is cost effective and fully mobile, typically used for production for farm gate sales. It is suitable for the production of between 220 - 1000 meat birds. Contact us on 01962772368 or email us to find out more.


The robust, lightweight construction and box section galvanized skids allow the unit to be easily towed to fresh ground as required by a 4x4 or small tractor.


The MPM4250 has excellent insulation characteristics; the side walls are made up of insulating honeycomb plastic board and the roofing is made up of fibreglass in layflat polythene sandwiched between two layers of Twinthene which prevents radiated heat build up in the summer and heat loss in the winter. The outer polythene cover can either be juniper green or heat relective gull grey. This coupled with good ventilation virtually eliminates condensation resulting in an environment in which birds can grow quickly and healthily. The high volume smooth interior provides a cool, airy, draught free environment.


The 2.05m sectional construction means the length can be built as required dependent on the number of birds to be housed and provides great strength throughout the building. The building is constructed mainly from galvanized steel, aluminium, honeycomb insulating plastic board, Twinthene and fibreglass. It has no awkward corners making it easy to clean and meaning it stays clean and disinfected. There is no timber used whatsoever. The unit is quick and easy to install and comes with full, comprehensive 3D instructions.



  • Suitable for production of between 220 – 900 meat birds
  • Sectional design allows for any length of building
  • Easily moved to fresh ground
  • Easily accessible
  • Easy to clean, keep clean and disinfect
  • Light baffled strip air intake vents run the length of the unit
  • Contains no timber whatsoever
  • Quick and easy to install



internal MPM4250 set up for brooding
internal MPM4250 set up for brooding
internal MPM4250 set up for brooding