Mobile Pheasant Brooder House: 300 to 4000 birds


The MPB4250 pheasant brooder is the ideal building for brooding and rearing pheasants in a controlled, disease resistant environment.


The unit is manufactured from a galvanised steel sub-frame on box section steel skids. The roof is triple layered with an insulating 80mm fibreglass layer sealed in polythene sandwiched between a green and white polythene inner and outer sheet. The polythene cladding is guarenteed for five seasons in the UK and will typically last longer.


The internal ridge height is 2.15m giving easy access throughout the building to view and manage the pheasants.


These details create the right environment in which to successfully rear poults from day olds to seven weeks. The 2.40m sectional construction means the length can be built as required and provides great strength throughout the building.


The robust, lightweight construction makes it easily towable by a quad bike or tractor to fresh ground as required. The building is quick and easy to install and comes with full instructions.



  • Suitable for 250-4000 pheasant poults
  • Easily moved to fresh ground
  • Well insulated: reduces heating costs and prevents radiated heat build-up
  • Easy to keep clean and disinfect
  • Quick and easy to install


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Internal pheasant house photo
Internal pheasant house photo
Internal pheasant house photo
Internal pheasant house photo