Mobile Poultry Layer House: 2000 to 4000 birds


Our MPL 8000 mobile poultry layer house, for free range, organic or barn egg production, is an 8.80m (external) wide unit which has been specifically designed to create the perfect environment for laying hens. It is designed for large-scale commercial laying businesses and is fully mobile.



The MPL8000 has a suspended slatted floor which is either 66% of the building for free range or 50% for organic set up. It is designed to be moved quickly and easily when the laying cycle finishes.


The MPL8000 has excellent ventilation and baffling characteristics, coupled with insulation which virtually eliminates condensation; this creates an environment in which it is possible to get a very high laying output.



The low profile design makes this building extremely stable in inclement weather and the combination of roof height, slat height and building width gives the building the ideal size for bird welfare and egg production.


  • Suitable for between 2000 – 4000 birds with organic, free range or barn regimes. Length of building adjusted according to number of birds housed.
  • Easily towed between laying cycles with great strength through good design
  • Creates a great environment for the birds


One of the first buildings we manufactured and installed, this mobile continues to provide an excellent environment for egg production and bird welfare. We completed the whole project including the internal setup of the automated nests, drinking and feeding


This project took four weeks from order to installation, during the last week we worked in partnership with the internal fitters to ensure success. We agreed specific dates for delivery and construction which we achieved. The building is well situated being close to farm amenities promoting good management practices.

Sketch diagram of MPL8000 bird mobile
Sketch diagram of MPL8000 bird mobile
Sketch diagram of MPL8000 bird mobile
Sketch diagram of MPL8000 bird mobile