Mobile Poultry Layer House: 500 to 2000


The MPL 6680 is a mobile poultry layer house for free range, organic or barn egg production, it is a 6.68m wide unit which has been specifically designed to create the perfect environment for laying hens. It is designed for smaller flocks e.g. specialist poultry, farm gate sales and own marketed production, it is fully mobile. Contact us on 03332 079 747 or email us to find out more.


The MPL6680 has a suspended slatted floor which is either 66% of the building for free range or 50% for organic set up. It is designed to be moved quickly and easily when the laying cycle finishes. The turn around time is very short with no dismantling required as all internal equipment is placed on the slatted floor or suspended from the roof. All surfaces are very easy to wash and resilient to muck sticking to them.

The MPL6680 has excellent ventilation and baffling characteristics, as well as insulation which virtually eliminates condensation; this creates an environment that enables the producer to get a very high laying output


  • For between 500 – 2000 organic, free range or barn regimes
  • Easily towed between laying cycles with great strength through good design
  • Creates a great environment for the birds



Now one of four buildings this producer has continually added capacity with new buildings each year. This unit was supplied without the egg collection unit and self installed to keep the initial capital cost to the minimum. Automation was initially at a minimum but track feeding and automated excluders were retro fitted to reduce labour costs.



A very easy to tow, fast to set up mobile egg production unit. This building gives an incredibly high level of welfare with the Organic standard. Triple layer roof insulation gives very good warmth in the winter on exposed sites. The excellent ventilation is easily controlled leading to a reduced incidence of disease. 



MK.1 version of the building in the west country
MK.1 version of the building in the west country
MK.1 version of the building in the west country