Calf Rearing Polytunnel 24.50m wide


This building is designed and built to house approximately 700 calves. It is 24.50m wide and made out of three clear spans. The central span is a feeding/access area and the two 10.00m outer spans are penned calf housing areas.



  • The framework is made from 100mm by 50mm hot dip galvanized steel with five lines of purlins per span to create great strength in the structure.
  • The cladding is made out of heavy-duty, long lasting grey/white PVC that is translucent. This creates a very light and airy environment.
  • The high sides are made out of  heavy duty wind mesh for superb ventilation.
  • All gutters are 'walk-down' for strength and access.


This building was constructed utilising an assisted build program that helped keep the initial investment down. The end result is a light and airy unit with excellent access to the livestock.


The internal view demonstrates the environment created with the translucent roof sheet and well ventilated sides. The environment created is far superior to a portal shed for rearing livestock.


The high, well ventilated sides are shown. In this exposed location on the West Coast of Scotland the building has weathered from the autumn storms and the unprecedented snow fall from winter 2010/2011.


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Gable end of calf rearing unit
Gable end of calf rearing unit
Gable end of calf rearing unit