McGregor Polytunnels Provides Finance For Livestock Housing

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McGregor Polytunnels team up with a finance partner to provide payment options for the Livestock Pop-Up building.

We understand that farming can be financially challenging; hefty set-up costs can quickly close down any expansion opportunities. Don’t let the immediate cost of housing slow your business ambitions, financing the cost of your livestock housing means you can grow your herd while managing cash-flow. 

McGregor Polytunnels have teamed up with a finance partner to deliver payment options to all customers purchasing Livestock Pop-Up buildings, prices starting at £180 per month (based on a 5 year payment period). With a range of finance options available, customers have the opportunity to enter a range of payment plans, up to a 5 year repayment period.

For more information and pricing on our Livestock Pop-Up, contact us on 0808 256 3210 to find out how we can help support your farming ambitions.

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